117 U.S. 275 (1886), Sloane v. Anderson

Citation:117 U.S. 275, 6 S.Ct. 730, 29 L.Ed. 899
Party Name:SLOANE and others v. ANDERSON.
Case Date:March 15, 1886
Court:United States Supreme Court

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117 U.S. 275 (1886)

6 S.Ct. 730, 29 L.Ed. 899

SLOANE and others



United States Supreme Court.

March 15, 1886


[6 S.Ct. 730] J. M. Flower, for plaintiff in error.

M. P. Wing and J. H. Ashton, for defendants in error.



This is a writ of error brought under the act of March 3, 1875, (18 St. 470, c. 137,) to reverse an order of the circuit court remanding a suit which had been removed from the state court. The suit was brought by Anderson, the defendant in error, a citizen of Wisconsin, against John Sloane, William D. Sloane, Henry F. Sloane, Thomas C. Sloane, Walter W. Law, Alexander Wright, and Charles L. Watson, partners under the name of W. & J. Sloane, all citizens of New York; John V.

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Farwell, Charles B. Farwell, William D. Farwell, and John L. Harmon, partners under the name of [6 S.Ct. 731] J. V. Farwell & Co., citizens of Illinois; Curtis H. Remy, an attorney at law, and a citizen of Illinois; and Angus Cameron, Joseph W. Losey, and Charles W. Bunn, partners doing a general law business under the name of Cameron, Losey & Bunn, citizens of Wisconsin. The complaint states that in September, 1881, Anderson was a merchant in good credit, doing business at La Crosse, Wisconsin, and worth at least $15,000 over his debts; that on the twenty-eighth of September he was indebted to W. & J. Sloane in the sum of $3,378.28, of which only $363.03 was then due, and to J. V. Farwell & Co. in the sum of $1,757,08, of which only $439.27 was due; that on that day the defendants Cameron, Losey & Bunn and Curtis H. Remy, by the order and direction of W. & J. Sloane, caused a judgment to be entered against him as by confession in the circuit court of La Crosse county for his entire debt to that firm, and by the order and direction of J. V. Farwell & Co., another judgment for his entire debt to that firm; and that each of these judgments was irregular and void, the court being without jurisdiction in the premises. The complaint then proceeds as follows: 'That on the twenty-eighth day of September, 1881, the said defendants Cameron, Losey & Bunn, by order and direction of the said Curtis H. Remy, and by order and direction of the said defendants W. & J. Sloane and John V. Farwell & Co., wrongfully and unlawfully issued executions out of said circuit court on said several judgments for the full amount of damages and...

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