24 F.3d 401 (2nd Cir. 1994), 549, Acquaire v. Canada Dry Bottling Co. of New York, Inc.

Docket Nº:549, 711, Dockets 93-7368, 93-7444.
Citation:24 F.3d 401
Party Name:Frank ACQUAIRE; Bilo II Rev. Inc.; Paul Adams; Adams Bev. Inc.; V. Aielo; Andre Alves; A & A Beverage Dist., Inc.; William Anderson; Mojo Satchmo Inc.; Daniel Baker; Meld Beverage Corp.; Douglas Barnes; Barnes Dist. Inc.; Richard Begany; R.A. Richie Bev. Dist. Inc.; Frank Bradley; Frank J. Bradley, Sr.; Scott Browner; Scotto Bev. Inc.; John Brunner
Case Date:May 13, 1994
Court:United States Courts of Appeals, Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

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24 F.3d 401 (2nd Cir. 1994)

Frank ACQUAIRE; Bilo II Rev. Inc.; Paul Adams; Adams Bev.

Inc.; V. Aielo; Andre Alves; A & A Beverage Dist., Inc.;

William Anderson; Mojo Satchmo Inc.; Daniel Baker; Meld

Beverage Corp.; Douglas Barnes; Barnes Dist. Inc.;

Richard Begany; R.A. Richie Bev. Dist. Inc.; Frank

Bradley; Frank J. Bradley, Sr.; Scott Browner; Scotto

Bev. Inc.; John Brunner; JCQM Beverage Inc.; Gregory

Burke; B.G.M. Beverage Inc.; James Byrnes; J.I.M. Bev.

Inc.; Nicholas Campanelli; Nikki Bev. Dist. Inc.; Russell

Candella; Russlino Bev. Inc.; Frank Carrelli, Jr.; Hylan

Bev. Inc.; Carmine Caruso; Lincoln Bev. Inc.; Nickolas

Castronvova; C & N Beverage Corp.; John Cetrulo; J.V.C.

Mixers Inc.; Gregory Clemente; G.A.C. Beverage Corp.;

Russell Compese; Compese Bev. Co. Inc.; 7650 Enterprises

Inc.; Rocco Cortese; Ann-Roc Bev. Dist. Inc.; Allen

Cowan; Mi-Cin Bev. Dist. Inc.; Robert Cummings; Cummings

Beverage Inc.; Jack Cutrone; Capt'n Jack Bev. Inc.; Pat

Dattalo; P & T Beverage Corp. III, Inc.; W.J. Debella;

Bad Beverage Inc.; A.J. Debello; A.J. Debello Jr. Inc.;

Anthony Deruvo; Anthony Deruvo Bev. Inc.; Ben Diasparra;

B & T Bev. Inc.; Michael DiOrio; 3 DiOrio's Dist. Inc.;

Richard DiCarlo; R & A Beverage Inc.; Michael DiCicco;

City Lights Bev. Inc.; John Drew; Drew Dist. Inc.;

Matthew Drohan; Mandro Bev. Inc.; Dean Ellerthorpe;

Vernon Inc. of Landing, Inc.; Robert Florio; R.R.M.

Beverage Corp.; Ed Franz; E. Franz & Sons Inc.; Herman

Gonzales; D & H Dist. Corp. Inc.; John Gregg; Ron & Jack

Bev. Corp.; Phil Gualielmetti; Rainbow Falls Beverage

Inc.; Robert Gulino; R.J.G. & Sons Bev. Inc.; Robert W.

Gunning; N & R Beverage Inc.; George Hammer; Kamel Dist.

Inc.; Paul Hartman; G.P.H. Dist. Inc.; Robert Hasenbein;

Rob-Liz Bev. Dist. Inc.; Barry Helstrom; G.S. & M. Dist.

Inc.; Russell Holhman; Ruslin Bev. Corp.; Ruslin Bev.

Dist. Inc.; Robert Holgerson; Lanson Hyatt; Hyatt Dist.

Inc.; Eugene Kelly; E & K Beverage Inc.; Phillip Lenzy;

P.P.C. Lenzy Dist. Inc.; Robert Levine; B & L Beverage

Inc.; Steve Loboda; S. Loboda Inc.; Salvatore Loggia;

S.L. & Sons Bev. Inc.; Michael Lombardo; Lombardo

Beverage, Inc.; Rocco Longo; Brock Dist., Inc.; Arthur

Loughran; Hearty Artie Bev., Inc.; Carl Lower; Bottoms Up

Dist. Inc.; Allen Lundberg; A.L. Beverages Inc.; Ken

Macri; K-MAC II Dist. Inc.; Frank Maitilasso; F.P.M.

Dist. Inc.; Mark Mattilasso; Better Buy Bev. Inc.;

Anthony Marafino; A. Marafino Bev., Inc.; James Marino;

A.W.M. Bev. Dist. Inc.; Rob Markantes; Rainbow Connection,

Inc.; Al Martin; A & S Dist. Inc.; Henry Martineau; H.E.

Martineau Inc.; Walter Mathewson; S & C Bev. Dist. Inc.;

Dennis McCrossen; JAG-D Dist. Inc.; Emilio Montesdeoca;

E.M.O. Dist. Inc.; Robert Mortenson; Robert Mortenson

Corp.; Joseph Obenauer; J.S. Bev. Inc.; Steven O'Donnell;

S.M.S. Beverage, Inc.; G. Olsen; Gunnar Olsen Inc.;

Elliot Panitch; Grey Falcon Ent. Inc.; Bruno Parisi;

Bruno Parisi & Sons, Inc.; B. Perich; Benrich Dist. Inc.;

Charlie Pettigrano; Just Beginning Inc.; Kenneth Pulford;

Southside Soda Inc.; Scott Pyper; S.R.P. Bev. Corp.;

James Reynolds; J. Reynolds Ltd. Inc.; Peter Rosenberger;

Pete's Bev. Inc.; Ciro Santacroce; Ciro Santacroce, Inc.;

Phillip Santomassi; Yorkville Bev. Inc.; Burghardt

Schrepf; Schrepf Bev. Inc.; William Schwartz; B & D

Beverage Inc.; Alex Simyavsky; Vladleen Bev. Inc.; Henry

Smith; Hank Bev. Inc.; Kevin Smith; J & S Beverage Inc.;

Anthony Soavedro; J.A.S. Beverage Corp.; James Sowlakis;

J.C.C. Bev. Dist. Inc.; Peter Sparacio; Chelsea Dist.

Inc.; Gerard Spiga; G.K. Spiga Inc.; John Staffieri;

Staffieri Bev., Inc.; Roman Strockyj; Strockyj Bev. Inc.;

Timothy Synan; South Shore Bev. Dist., Inc.; Ralph Venice;

Venice Beverage Inc.; Carlos Vilar; Vilar Bev. Inc.; Ken

Wood; Ken Wood Bev. Inc., Plaintiffs,

T & V Beverage, Inc.; Ralph Ammirati; Bev. Express Inc.;

Russell Ammirati; R & R Beverage, Inc.; Brian Bachmann;

Osprey Bev. Inc.; Peter Caffery; P.R. Caffrey Inc.;

Anthony Congialosi; Frank Dolan; Gail Bev. Dist. Inc.;

Thomas Gioeli; T & S Bev. Inc.; Richard Gresio; Carich

Bev. Inc.; Anthony Gulino; Anthonys Bev. Inc.; Alton

Hemby; Hemby Bev. Dist. Inc.; Walter Hergsthan; Herby

Beverage, Inc.; Larry Hoft; L.M.P. Dist. Inc.; Robert

Holgerson; Hogie Bev. Corp.; Ronald Hubbard; Hubs

Bev. Inc.; Anthony Ingrassellino; Deanick Bev. Inc.; Gary

Levy; Cousins Bev. Dist.; Joseph Lokitis; Jo-Aire Inc.;

J. Lombardozzi; 3 Kids Bev., Inc.; Robert Magliola; Bolyn

Bev. Inc.; Thomas Marciano; T & L Beverage, Inc.; Robert

McClean; T.J.K. Beverage Inc.; John Meister; J. Meister

Corp.; P. Parikh; Rani Bev. Inc.; Walter Pearce; We Bev.

Inc.; John Petraglia; Jo-Lyn Bev. Corp.; Dirk Prelle;

West St. Bev. Inc.; James Ricciardi; Top Shelf Bev. Inc.;

Anthony Santelia; Santelia Dist., Inc.; Sal Scrimenti; 5

Scrimenti Bev. Inc.; Michael Sedita; S & D Beverage Corp.;

Walter Sieger; K & W Dist. Corp.; Mike Sommerman; 4 Plus

1 Bev. Inc.; Tom Spitz; L.J.T. Bev. Dist., Inc.; Tom

Umstatter; Tom's Beverage Corp.; Vincent Valentino; H & V

Bev. Inc.; Jethro Williams; Will & Lee Dist. Inc.;

Anthony Aielo; Anthony Cirelli; TNT Beverage; Joseph J.

D'Apuzzo; Philip J. Guglielmetti; Joe Dol Enterprises; J

& R Dist.; Kelly Beverage Inc.; Joseph Picarello; Just

the Beginning Bev. Corp.; T. Umps Family Beverage Inc.;

John Does 3-10, Plaintiffs-Appellants-Cross-Appellees,




Harold Honickman; Stanley Israel; Dennis Berberich;

Ronald J. Srein; Transervice Lease Corporation, Inc.;

Evans Conger Broussard & McCrea; Soft Drink Workers Union

Local 812, International Brotherhood of Teamsters AFL-CIO;

Coca-Cola Company; Coors Bottling Company of New York,

Inc.; Kirsch Beverages Corp., Defendants-Appellees.

Nos. 549, 711, Dockets 93-7368, 93-7444.

United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit

May 13, 1994

Argued Feb. 11, 1994.

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Kenneth F. McCallion, New York City, Barbara J. Hart, James W. Johnson, Goodkind Labaton Rudoff & Sucharow, for plaintiffs-appellants-cross-appellees.

Peter E. Greene, New York City, Jonathan J. Lerner, Gary A. MacDonald, Alan J. Meese, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, for defendant-appellee-cross-appellant.

Before: PRATT and MINER, Circuit Judges, CAMPBELL, [*] Senior Circuit Judge.

Page 405

LEVIN H. CAMPBELL, Senior Circuit Judge:

In these appeals we review the district court's order granting in part and denying in part a motion for a preliminary injunction. We affirm the order in its entirety.

Plaintiffs-appellants are independent distributors of soft drink products bottled and/or distributed by defendant-appellee, Canada Dry Bottling Company of New York, Inc. ("Canada Dry"). 1 On November 21, 1990, they sued Canada Dry and others in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, alleging, inter alia, that Canada Dry had conspired to restrain the trade of soft drink products in violation of the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act, the Taft-Hartley Act, and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act.

Two days later, on November 23, 1990, Plaintiffs moved for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction to prevent Canada Dry "from engaging in certain conduct, including 'enforcing, directly or indirectly, against plaintiff-distributors any mandatory resale price [maintenance] policy or practice with respect to products distributed by [P]laintiffs' and from committing any violations of the Sherman Act, 15 U.S.C. Sec. 1." Magistrate Judge's Report and Recommendation, at 2 (Mar. 5, 1993) (quoting Plaintiffs' Memorandum of Law (Nov. 21, 1990)). Judge Sifton, who was then assigned to this case, denied Plaintiffs' application for a temporary restraining order, and, on December 7, 1990, heard argument on Plaintiffs' motion for a preliminary injunction. Judge Sifton reserved judgment on Plaintiffs' motion. Thereafter, Plaintiffs and Canada Dry, as well as the other defendants, entered into "protracted, court assisted, negotiations in an effort to settle this action." Id. Plaintiffs' November 23, 1990, "motion for a preliminary injunction was never decided and appears to have been abandoned." Id.

Over two years later, on February 4, 1993, Plaintiffs brought a fresh motion for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction before Judge Weinstein, who was sitting as the "miscellaneous" judge. Plaintiffs say they filed this second application in response to new measures taken by Canada Dry to enforce its resale price maintenance policy. Plaintiffs assert in their appellate brief that these measures, which were associated with a funded promotional discount program implemented by Canada Dry, included

(1) Canada Dry's requirement that customer signatures be obtained on company invoices with fixed prices pre-printed on them whenever promotional monies were used, and that participation in promotional programs be conditioned on the use of company mandated prices; and (2) the withholding of product and refusal to release trucks for distributors who did not acquiesce to Canada Dry's promotional policy.

According to Plaintiffs, "[t]hese two enforcement mechanisms were not in place at the time of the filing of the November, 23, 1990, Motion For Preliminary Injunction."

Judge Weinstein, who...

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