264 F.3d 344 (3rd Cir. 2001), 00-3899, In re In re Orthopedic Bone Screw Product

Docket Nº:J.T. Bradley and Kathy W. Bradley, Appellants in No. 00-3899
Citation:264 F.3d 344
Case Date:August 31, 2001
Court:United States Courts of Appeals, Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

Page 344

264 F.3d 344 (3rd Cir. 2001)


J.T. Bradley and Kathy W. Bradley, Appellants in No. 00-3899

Regina M. Luellen and Eurston Luellen, Sr., Appellants in No. 00-3900

Randal Jon Uribe, Appellant in No. 00-3901

Mitchell H. Walker and Kim S. Walker, Appellants in No. 00-3902

Jose Morfin, Appellant in No. 00-3903

Page 345

Mary K. Mullen Schmelter and Kurt Allen Schmelter, Appellants in No. 00-3904

Rita Jan McGill and Gary McGill, Appellants in No. 00-3905

Louis H. McDowell, Jr. and Patricia McDowell, Appellants in No. 00-3906

Edward Briscoe, Gloria Briscoe, Dale Lewis Tamborella and Angela Tamborella, Appellants in No. 00-3907

James E. Doiron and Katherine Doiron, Appellants in No. 00-3908

Jeannette Wade and Edwin Wade, Appellants in No. 00-3909

Leila Hartwell, William J. Hartwell, Jennifer J. Still and Robert Still, Appellants in No. 00-3910

Fitz A. Reid, Etta A. Reid, Lillie Aycock, David Lindsey Brook and Mary Jane Brook, Appellants in No. 00-3911

Gary L. Drake, David Louviere and Laura M. Louviere, Appellants in No. 00-3912

Andrew Jackson Key and Linda C. Key, Appellants in No. 00-3913

Paul David Schneider and Linda Gale Schneider, Appellants in No. 00-3914

Esperanza Prida and Jorge Prida, Appellants in No. 00-3915

Reyes Basilio and Consolacion Basilio, Appellants in No. 00-3916

Ruth Rogoff, Appellant in No. 00-3917

Juan Perez and Maria I. Perez, Appellants in No. 00-3918

Brian McPherson and Kim McPherson, Appellants in No. 00-3919

Audrey Collins, Appellant in No. 00-3920

Jessie H. Elliott, Jr., Appellant in No. 00-3921

Arvie Jernigan, Appellant in No. 00-3922

Lafiro Max Benavides and Irene Benavides, Appellants in No. 00-3925

John Workman, Appellant in No. 00-3926

Thomas Craig McGowan and Lori L. McGowan, Appellants in No. 00-3927

Max E. Dick, Sr., Appellant in No. 00-3928

Rhonda Renee P. Lawrence and William J. Lawrence, Appellants in No. 00-3929

Raymond C. Cummings and Barbara Ann Cummings, Appellants in No. 00-3930

Larry Dale Spooner and Terri Spooner, Appellants in No. 00-3931

William P. Arinder, Betty Arinder, Newman Hearn and Deena Reese, Appellants in No. 00-3932

Randy W. McKenzie and Kimberly Sue McKenzie, Appellants in No. 00-3933

Karen A. Dunn and Robert T. Dunn, Appellants in No. 00-3934

Bruce Austin and Frances Austin, Appellants in No. 00-3935

Page 346

Joan Barton and Joseph Barton, Appellants in No. 00-3936

Joseph Collura and Josephine Collura, Appellants in No. 00-3937

Helene Phyllis Cohen, Appellant in No. 00-3938

Joanne Conley Brown, Appellant in No. 00-3939

Connie Ray Baxley, Jr., Angie Baxley, Dick Habour, Brenda Sue Harbour, Terry Glen Johnson, Sr., Gerald Dewayne Jones and Sherry Lynn Jones, Appellants in No. 00-3940

Jonathan Bruce Holley, Elise Holley, Jerry Frank Wetz and Alice Wetz, Appellants in No. 00-3941

Leverne Anthony, Individually, and as Administrator of the Estate of Joseph Douglas Anthony, Sr., Appellant in No. 00-3942

Fred B. Basham and Claudia F. Basham, Appellants in No. 00-3943

Stanley P. Eagle, Sr. and Ladonna M. Eagle, Appellants in No. 00-3944

Charles E. Porter, Sr., Carol Jourdan Porter, Raymond Richard and Goldie P. Richard, Appellants in No. 00-3945

Randall L. Metzler, Appellant in No. 00-3946

Lawrence Damion Hickey, Appellant in No. 00-3947

Patricia A. Orlick and Robert Orlick, Appellants in No. 00-3948

Kathy Stockdale and George Stockdale, Appellants in No. 00-3949

Phillip W. Worrell and Janice Ann Worrell, Appellants in No. 00-3950

John H. O'Connell and Patricia O'Connell, Appellants in No. 00-3951

Clifford Burt and Barbara Sue Burt, Appellants in No. 00-3952

Chester Allen Morris and Yolan Sybil Morris, Appellants in No. 00-3953

Salvatore Cali and Genie Cali, Appellants in No. 00-3954

Dean W. Devine and Theresa Devine, Appellants in No. 00-3955

Jason Leigh, Appellant in No. 00-3956

Shirley Baker, Appellant in No. 00-3957

Richard Cullen, Appellant in No. 00-3958

Aline Frances Sears, Albert James Sears, III, John L. Davis and Louise E. Davis, Appellants in No. 00-3959

Mary Alma Valdez and Alexander Valdez, Appellants in No. 00-3960

Anthony Wilbur Kyle and Dixie K. Kyle, Appellants in No. 00-3961

Edward Allen, Roxana Paulette Allen, Denise K. Walker, Allen K. Walker, Annette E. Freeman, Patsy Ruth Elrod Bell and John Richard Bell, Jr., Appellants in No. 00-3962

Page 347

Hettie Rovenia Crescini, Benjamin J. Crescini, Sr., James Fussell, Sherry E. Fussell, Dale C. Hutchinson, Dollinda Hutchinson, James Paul, Martha Lou Smith Paul, Bobby Ray Smith, Alvy J. Smith and Martin Carroll, Appellants in No. 00-3963

Dorris E. Harrell and Margie L. Harrell, Appellants in No.00-3964

Wesley F. Stokes and Linda Gail Stokes, Appellants in No. 00-3965

Derrill B. Manley and Cindy Manley, Appellants in No. 00-3966

Aubrey J. Ledger, Appellant in No. 00-3967

Edward G. Herrera, Individually and as Administrator of the Estate of Rosie A. Herrera, Appellant in No. 00-3968

William Daniel Stone, Appellant in No. 00-3969

Jerry Whitaker and Patricia G. Whitaker, Appellants in No. 00-3970

Rita Gariby and Jesse Rubio Gariby, Appellants in No. 00-3971

Patricia Armijo, Appellant in No. 00-3972

Vera L. Berrington and William J. Berrington, Appellants in No. 00-3973

Terri H. Gibbs, Arlene F. Parker and William Parker, Appellants in No. 00-3974

Allen J. Montecino, Jr. and Virginia Montecino, Appellants in No. 00-3975

Gloria Huntman, Appellant in No. 00-3976

John M. Russo and Karen Russo, Appellants in No. 00-3977

Charles Thomas Wahlquist and Tina Rachelle Wahlquist, Appellants in No. 00-3982

Sammy Melissa Case and Ronnie Case, Appellants in No. 00-3983

Robert Brozewicz and Denise Brozewicz, Appellants in No. 00-3984

Charles Parrott, Allan R. Whitlow, Dorothy Merle Manberg and Charles Manberg, Appellants in No. 00-3986

Danny L. Harris, Sr. and Cathie B. Harris, Appellants in No. 00-3987

Earl Hicks and Debra Hicks, Appellants in No. 00-3988

Amy Foote Weaselbear, Individually and as Administrator of the Estate of Archie A. Weaselbear, Appellant in No. 00-3990

Laurie L. Coogler, Dennis K. Coogler, Pamela A. Underferth, Thomas M. Underferth, Billie A.M. King, Cecil C. King, James Roger Smith and Vermell M. Smith, Appellants in No. 00-3991

Steve L. Thompson, Appellant in No. 00-3992

Eulalio "Bobby" Adami, Coy R. Griffin, Sr. and Wilma Griffin, Appellants in No. 00-3993

Ronald Gene Penny and Teresa R. Penny, Appellants in No. 00-3994

Page 348

Shirley A. Plott, Appellant in No. 00-3995

Joan McGhee, Appellant in No. 00-3996

Melvin G. Burks, Appellant in No. 00-3997

Michael Seman, Appellant in No. 00-3998

Ginger Bentley and Henry L. Bentley, Appellants in No. 00-3999

Katherine Celia, Appellant in No. 00-4000

Connie Amelia Corley, Appellant in No. 00-4001

Lonnie Lowe, Appellant in No. 00-4002

Robert J. Berglund, Leslie Ann Berglund, Bruce D. Bultman, Carol Ching Bultman, Gary L. Ewing, Janet Walker Ewing, Timothy Scott Rushing and Joan Mary Rushing, Appellants in No. 00-4003

Nancy G. Brown and Ronald E. Brown, Appellants in No. 00-4004

Candace L. Mathes and Stanley M. Mathes, III, Appellants in No. 00-4005

Kathleen Burke and Earl Burke, Appellants in No. 00-4006

Clifford R. Swain and Savana G. Swain, Appellants in No. 00-4007

James C. Smith and Beverly D. Smith, Appellants in No. 00-4008

Alex A. Driggers and Margie Ann Driggers, Appellants in No. 00-4009

Isidora Fuselier, Albert J. Fuselier, Michael Lee Andrus and Mark A. Bullard, Appellants in No. 00-4010

Harry Alan Bowser and Ronda L. Bowser, Appellants in No. 00-4011

Michael D. Holloway, Appellant in No. 00-4012

Lillian Marchegianni and John Marchegianni, Appellants in No. 00-4013

Jerry DeWayne Harrison and Mary M. Harrison, Appellants in No. 00-4014

M. Mary Coleman, Appellant in No. 00-4015

Jessie Flores and Mary I. Frias Flores, Appellants in No. 00-4016

Kap Jong Lee and Sung Wan Lee, Appellants in No. 00-4017

Richard Fontenot, Peggy Sue Fontenot and Perry Bang, Appellants in No. 00-4018

Wallace Wade Prahser and Donna Prahser, Appellants in No. 00-4019

James W. Ervin, Jr., Appellant in No. 00-4021

Larry Hugh Gibson and Connie Marine Gibson, Appellants in No. 00-4022

Leonard Otis Smith and Hazel M. Smith, Appellants in No. 00-4023

J.P. Parker, Appellant in No. 00-4024

Bruce W. Shepherd and Lorene B. Shepherd, Appellants in No. 00-4025

Page 349

James Toskes, Appellant in No. 00-4026

Priscilla Fontenot, Lester Joseph Fontenot, Lee Anna Scott, Arthur Scott, Jr., John Goodman, Gertrude Goodman, Janice Reed, David Reed, Deidre Guillory, Barbara L. Comeaux and Leander Comeaux, Appellants in No. 00-4027

Marilyn A. Greiner and Emil D. Greiner, Appellants in No. 00-4028

Jamie Lee Samuels and Thad J. Samuels, Appellants in No. 00-4029

Merle L. Jensen, David Bernard Jensen and David Rounkles, Appellants in No. 00-4030

Melissa Ann Chandler, Appellant in No. 00-4031

Thomas Levon Jones and Beverly Jones, Appellants in No. 00-4032

Irene Portillo, Appellant in No. 00-4033

Theodore N. Helton and Josephine T. Helton, Appellants in No. 00-4034

Grant Edward Tingstrom, Cathy J. Carrick, David L. Carrick, Sr., John Shaver and Diana Shaver, Appellants in No. 00-4035

William D. Sipes and Thelma G. Sipes, Appellants in No. 00-4036

George Love and Rosemary Love, Appellants in No. 00-4037

Joseph Anthony Strange, Appellant in No. 00-4038

Frank L. Bowes and Lollie Bowes, Appellants in No. 00-4039

Bruce Anthony Davis and Mary Ann Davis, Appellants in No.

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