4 Del. 572 (Del.Oyer.Ter. 1847), State v. Burchinal

Citation4 Del. 572
CourtCourt of Oyer and Terminer of Delaware

Page 572

4 Del. 572 (Del.Oyer.Ter. 1847)




Court of Oyer and Terminer of Delaware.


Fall Session, 1847

Disorderly houses; liability of persons for disorderly conduct in and about their stores.

The defendant was indicted for keeping a disorderly house.

It was proved that he was in the habit of selling liquor, and permitting it to be drank in his store, about which, there was frequently collected a crowd of persons, black and white, particularly on Saturday nights: that under the influence of liquor obtained at this store, they were noisy and riotous, cursing, swearing, dancing, and making loud noises, to the general disturbance of the neighborhood; as also, obstructing the streets, and jostling passengers: that this was done, not in the store, but on the footway and street in front of the store into...

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