4 D.C. 667 (C.C.D.C. 1835), 3891, Dick v. Laird

Docket Nº:3891[1]
Citation:4 D.C. 667, 7 F.Cas. 668
Party Name:DICK et al. v. LAIRD.

Page 667

4 D.C. 667 (C.C.D.C. 1835)

7 F.Cas. 668

DICK et al.



No. 3891 [1]

Circuit Court, District of Columbia.

November Term, 1835

This was a bill in equity by creditors against the surviving partner of the firm of John Laird & Son, for a settlement of the partnership accounts, & c., and for the appointment of a receiver.

The counsel for the plaintiffs cited Bloodgood v. Clark, 4 Paige 576; Vann v. Barnett, 2 Brown, Ch. 158; Creuze v. Bishop of London, Id. 253; Philips v. Atkinson, Id. 272; Jenkins v. Jenkins, 1 Paige 243; Osborn v. Heyer, 2 Paige 342; Harding v. Glover, 18 Ves. 281.

The answer admitted all the material facts of the bill.

THE COURT (nem. con.) ordered a receiver to be appointed, and to give security in the sum of $10,000.

NOTE. For decision on the merits of this case, see Case No. 3,892.


[1] Reported by Hon. William Cranch, Chief Judge.

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