68 F. 677 (N.D.Cal. 1895), Gray v. Quicksilver Mining Co.

Citation:68 F. 677
Party Name:GRAY et al. v. QUICKSILVER MIN. CO.
Case Date:June 24, 1895
Court:United States Courts of Appeals, Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Page 677

68 F. 677 (N.D.Cal. 1895)

GRAY et al.



United States Circuit Court, N.D. California.

June 24, 1895

Page 678

Pierson & Mitchell, for complainants.

Wm. Matthews and E. J. Pringle, for respondent.

McKENNA, Circuit Judge (orally).

This is an action to declare defendant trustee of the plaintiffs, or the estate of their intestate, of certain mines and minerals situate on the Rancho De Los Capitancillos (what is known as the 'Almaden Mine '). Both plaintiffs and defendant claim from the Mexican government, through a grant by the latter to one Justo Larios, which grant was patented by the United States in the name of Charles Fossatt, by patent dated February 3, 1865. The patent to the mines and minerals became separated from the title to the land, or was attempted to be separated, by Grove C. Cook, grantee of Justo Larios, calling himself 'allodial owner' of the rancho, by conveying by deed dated April 1, 1848, to plaintiff's intestate, John B. Gray, and one Knowles Taylor, in the proportions of two-fifths and three-fifths, respectively, 'together (to quote deed) with the right of way, water, grazing for cattle; * * * also land sufficient for establishing smelting works, building houses, and all other purposes necessary for the secure and profitable carrying on of the aforementioned mines.'

A trust was declared and created in this property by an instrument dated March 21, 1850, in which it was recited, after setting out certain conveyances, as follows:

'And whereas, other parties or persons than the beforenamed Knowles Taylor and John B. Gray have interest in said purchases, and it being desirable and proper to work said lands, mines, minerals, and ores, and prosecute the business connected therewith; and whereas, the title to said lands, mines, minerals, ores, rights, privileges, interests, and benefits, and their appurtenances, is now standing in the name of said Knowles Taylor and John B. Gray, in the following proportions, to wit, three-fifths part in the name of said Knowles Taylor, and two-fifths part in the name of the said John B. Gray; and it being desirable that each party in interest and ownership should have now this written declaration and conveyance of his interest, or portion in said lands, mines, minerals, ores, rights, privileges, interests, benefits, and the appurtenances of every kind pertaining thereto: Now, know all men by these presents, that we, the said Knowles Taylor and Eliza L., his wife, and the said John Bowie Gray, and Jane M., his wife, for and in consideration of the premises and of the sum of one dollar to each of us paid by the parties thereto of the second part, at and before the ensealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof we and each of us hereby acknowledge, and in further consideration

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of the payment heretofore made by each of the said parties of the second part of their respective relative proportion of the purchase money of said property, mine;, minerals, ores, et cetera, and of all expenses incident thereto, have granted, bargained, sold, conveyed, and transferred, any by these presents we do grant, bargain, sell, assign, convey, and transfer, unto the said Robert J. Walker, Knowles Taylor, and John Bowie Gray, trustees, as hereinafter mentioned, all and singular the aforedescribed lands, mines, minerals, ores, rights, privileges, interests, benefits, and the appurtenances of every kind which pertain thereto, and by the recited indentures or conveyances aforesaid were conveyed and transferred to the said Knowles Taylor and John B. Gray, together with all the estate, right of dower, title, interest, property, claim, and demand whatsoever of the said Knowles Taylor and Eliza L., his wife, and the said John Bowie Gray and Jane M., his wife, as well at law as in equity, of, in, and to, and out of the same, and every part thereof, from and after the date hereof, and by this indenture, and for the purposes and uses as hereinafter set forth and declared, to be held and possessed by the said Robert J. Walker, Knowles Taylor, and John B. Gray, as associate trustees, their heirs and the survivor of them, his heirs and assigns, forever, as joint tenants, and not as tenants in common, upon the special trust and confidence, however, and for no other purpose than is herein set forth and declared. * * * It is further agreed that with a view to ascertain results and settle controversies, if any should arise, no one of the parties interested will, within any period of two years from this date sell any portion of his interest in said property, mines, minerals, et cetera, to any person not a party to this agreement. The estate, rights, privileges, benefits, and property of the said parties as hereinbefore set forth and granted, or hereafter shall be obtained, shall be and remain vested in the said trustees and their successors, their heirs and assigns, in joint tenancy as aforesaid, but subject to the control and direction of the parties by a vote of not less than two-thirds of the whole number of shares, by the vote in the affirmative of filling any vacancy or vacancies that may occur in the board of said trustees by resignation, death, or otherwise, and to alter these trusts. The objects, designs, and business of the said parties shall be the proper management and administration of the said estate, property, mines, minerals, ores, rights, privileges, benefits, and all other matters and things relating and appertaining thereto, so as to make the said lands...

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