Foliage Design Systems, Inc. v. Fernandez

Decision Date13 November 1991
Docket NumberNo. 90-3382,90-3382
Citation589 So.2d 389
PartiesFOLIAGE DESIGN SYSTEMS, INC. and Crims, Inc., Appellants, v. Aurora FERNANDEZ, Appellee. 589 So.2d 389, 16 Fla. L. Week. D2897
CourtFlorida District Court of Appeals

H. George Kagan and Thomas S. Eustis, of Miller, Kagan & Chait, P.A., Deerfield Beach, for appellants.

Barry A. Pemsler, of Barry A. Pemsler, P.A., Miami, for appellee.

Jerold Feuer, Miami, for amicus Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers.

WENTWORTH, Senior Judge.

This is an appeal from a final October, 1990 worker's compensation order granting attorney's fees based on evidence of the value of future medical benefits, and on stipulation as to fee entitlement and value of permanent total disability compensation awarded for a 1988 accident. We affirm on the single issue presented, concluding that the judge correctly rejected application of the 1989 amendment to Sec. 440.34(2), F.S., which added language (as technically revised in 1990) indicated by emphasis as follows:

"(2) In awarding a reasonable attorney's fee, the judge ... shall consider only those benefits to the claimant that the attorney is responsible for securing.... the term 'benefits secured' means benefits obtained as a result of the claimant's attorney's legal services rendered in connection with the claim for benefits. However, such term does not include future medical benefits to be provided on any date more than 5 years after the date the claim is filed." (e.s.)

The recent decision of this court in Sir Electric, Inc. v. Borlovan, 582 So.2d 22 (Fla. 1st DCA 1991), affirmed the same ruling. The opinion references "the recently enacted statutory cap on attorney's fees" and the argument "that a statutory amendment changing the measure of attorney's fees is substantive, and cannot be applied retroactively." 582 So.2d at 23. Appellant in the present case would explain Sir Electric as based simply on the fact noted there "that the E/C cite no authority for the contention that this provision is procedural and remedial, and applies retroactively" to benefits for accidents antedating the amendment. In contrast with that circumstance, we have here examined the exhaustive catalog of arguable authority provided by appellant. 1

The quoted amendment of Sec. 440.34(2) may be correctly characterized as a computation proviso which does not directly control either the entitlement or "cap" on attorney's fees. It does, however, plainly place an absolute ceiling on valuation of one of the factors to be considered in applying the statutory formula. We are unable to distinguish rationally between an enactment which directly alters a prescribed "cap" on attorney's fees in relation to amount recovered, as in L. Ross, Inc. v. R.W. Roberts Construction Company, Inc., 481 So.2d 484 (Fla.1986), and the provision here in question. That amendment indirectly alters the potential fee award by placing a ceiling on the value of a material component in the statutory formula. Ross holds that, like fee entitlement, an amendment "affecting the ... concomitant burden is likewise substantive." 481 So.2d at 485. The burden was there increased, while here of course it is decreased. Neither that fact nor the character and history of Chapter 440, F.S., as a worker's compensation law, requires a different result. 2

The constitutional issues asserted by the parties are mooted by our conclusion that the amendment is inapplicable to the claim in the case.


SMITH and MINER, JJ., concur.

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