Hall v. People

Decision Date21 November 1878
CourtMichigan Supreme Court
PartiesClarence Hall v. The People

Submitted October 31, 1878

Error to Superior Court of Grand Rapids.

Larceny from the person. Respondent was convicted.

Judgment affirmed.

Stuart & Sweet for plaintiff in error. Larceny from the person means from the care of the person from whom the property is taken, and cannot be committed where he cannot exercise ordinary care over it, Hamilton's Case, 8 C. & P 49; Taylor's Case, R. & R., 418; 2 Bish. Cr. Law § 1177.

Attorney General Otto Kirchner for the People.


Marston, J.

The respondent was convicted of the offense of larceny from the person. He now claims that the court erred in admitting certain testimony and also in charging the jury, and in refusing to give certain charges as requested.

That the court erred in permitting the witness Fagin to testify what Walsh, the person who had lost the watch, said when he woke up in the saloon, about an hour after the offense had been committed, and in the absence of the respondent. We find nothing erroneous in the admission of this evidence. It did not tend to implicate any particular person in the transaction, but showed simply that Walsh claimed some one had his watch, and desired that it be given back to him. The same may be said of the conversation between Fagin and William Walsh, Jr.; it had no tendency whatever to injure the respondent. The evidence in reference to the resistance made by the respondent at the time of his arrest was admissible, and proper to be considered by the jury.

The seventh assignment of error relates to the instructions given the jury as to the presumption of guilt arising from possession of the stolen property. No exception was taken to this portion of the charge. We cannot, therefore, consider it. The ninth request to charge was properly refused. While the facts therein referred to were proper to be considered by the jury, yet the court could not instruct them as to the weight which should be given them. [*] The court declined to charge that the guilt of respondent must be proved, to a moral certainty, and that the circumstances proven must be inconsistent with any other theory but that of the absolute guilt of the accused, but did in that connection charge that his guilt must be proved to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt, and that if the testimony could be reconciled with any rational theory other than...

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