In re Applications for Extensions of Time, 2022-65898

CourtNew York Supreme Court Appellate Division
PartiesIn the Matter of Applications for Extensions of Time
Decision Date16 May 2022
Docket NumberM283045,2022-65898

In the Matter of Applications for Extensions of Time

No. 2022-65898

No. M283045

Supreme Court of New York, Second Department

May 16, 2022

Unpublished Opinion



Parties in the following causes have filed applications pursuant to 22 NYCRR 1250.9(b), (g)(1) to extend the time to perfect or to serve and file a brief.

Upon the papers filed in support of the applications, it is

ORDERED that the applications are granted and the following parties in the following causes are granted the specified extensions of time:

Title Docket No. Applicant Name(s) Extended Deadline Abuzahrieh v Airitan Management Corp. 2021-06285 Airitan Management Corp. June 27, 2022 Alam v Koenig 2021-07738 Syed Shaban Alam July 14, 2022 Armstrong v Dumbo Lofts Rental, LLC 2021-05220 William Armstrong

Jennifer Mancini

Propel-Ant, Inc.

Norman Yun

Nam Hee Lee

Keirnan Monaghan

Nusrat Durrani May 23, 2022 Auguste v MTGLQ Investors, L.P. 2021-08741 Robert Auguste July 18, 2022 Beier v Giglio 2021-07344 Damon Giglio May 23, 2022 Cardillo v 3707, LLC 2021-09066 3707, LLC July 12, 20221 Chamoun v Wissa 2021-05984 Nagi Wissa June 15, 2022 Chapple v United Skates of America, Inc. 2021-07527 United Skates of America, Inc. July 11, 2022 Comuniello v Nassau County Police Department 2021-08096 David Abramov

Angela Yagudayeva June 22, 2022 Croce v St. Joseph's College New York 2021-08508 St. Joseph's College New York July 5, 2022 Davis v Krakovitz 2021-06696 +2 Eric Fishman July 8, 2022 Earle v City of New York 2021-05237 Derek Earle

New York City Transit Authority June 14, 2022 Frawley v City of New York 2021-08758 City of New York July 15, 2022 Fuentes v 257 Toppings Path, LLC 2021-04928 257 Toppings Path, LLC

A-H Construction, LLC June 13, 2022 Gordon v Recreational Assn. of James H. Anderson Post # 1199 American Legion, Inc. 2021-07672 Brightview Lake Tappan, LLC

Platinum-LeChase Construction Group, LLC

Conserv Construction, Inc.

Don Brennan July 1, 2022 Grossman v Bridgeview Holdings, LLC 2021-05239 W.C.J.L., Inc.

Bridgeview Holdings, LLC June 21, 2022 Halbijohn v Siteone Landscape Supply, LLC 2021-07066 Siteone Landscape Supply, LLC

Wayne Allen June 22, 2022 Hanna v Darby 2021-06202 Brian Darby June 22, 2022 Harrington v New York City Transit Authority 2021-08419 Rachel Harrington July 18, 2022 John v Mocal Enterprises, Inc. 2021-04854 +1 Laredo Electric, Inc. June 30, 2022 LG723, LLC v Royal...

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