State v. Gifford, 081517 MESUP, CR-2016-1617

Docket Nº:Criminal CR-2016-1617
Party Name:STATE OF MAINE v. ASHER GIFFORD, Defendant.
Case Date:August 15, 2017
Court:Superior Court of Maine




Criminal No. CR-2016-1617

Superior Court of Maine, Kennebec

August 15, 2017


         This matter comes before the court on the Defendant's Motion to Suppress all evidence obtained as a result of a search of his residence located at 368 Bog Road, Albion, Maine that occurred on June 20, 2016 and all statements that he made as a result of an interrogation that occurred on that same day. An evidentiary hearing was held over parts of two days on May 18, 2017 and June 21, 2017. Any findings of fact in this order are based on the evidence presented at that hearing.


         The search at issue in this matter was conducted pursuant to an appropriately issued warrant supported by probable cause. The search warrant described the place to be searched as: Property/Premises to be searched:

1. The premise to be searched, 368 Bog Rd. in the town of Albion, County of Kennebec, Maine. The Premises are described as a trailer with white vinyl siding and black shutters. The attached image was taken by Det Bosco of the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit on or around June 7, 2016.

2. Any vehicles at the residence belonging to or under control of any residents of 368 Bog Rd. Albion, Maine 04910.

3. Any outbuildings with the residence at 368 Bog Rd. Albion, Maine 04910.

         When law enforcement officers executed the warrant, they entered the trailer with white vinyl siding and black shutters and found that the trailer was basically empty. It did not appear that anyone was residing in the trailer and no evidence was obtained from inside the trailer.

         The officers also found on the premise a camper that was set up on jack stands on a pad. The camper was connected to utilities including water, electricity, gas, and telephone/internet. The officers searched the camper and discovered the contraband that the Defendant seeks to have suppressed in his motion.

         Also located on the premise on June 20, 2016 was an older singlewide mobile home that officers believed was not then being used as a residence. There were also two stick-built structures on the premises - a small garage and a larger outbuilding. No evidence was seized from these structures. All of the structures on the property, including the camper, can be seen from the public road.

         The Defendant argues that because the warrant described "a trailer with white vinyl siding and black shutters" and the camper was effectively a second residence on the premises not specifically described, the camper was not covered by the warrant. In effect, the Defendant argues that the warrant was limited to "a trailer with white vinyl siding and black shutters" and any associated vehicles or outbuildings.

         As the Law Court has said, "when a...

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