310 P.3d 1134 (Okla.Jud.Eth. 2013), 2013-1, In re Judicial Ethics Opinion 2013-1

Docket Nº:2013-1.
Citation:310 P.3d 1134, 2013 OK JUD ETH 1
Judge Panel:Honorable Milton Craig, Chairman, Honorable Robert E. Lavendar, Vice Chairman, Honorable Vicki Robertson, Secretary
Case Date:October 01, 2013
Court:Oklahoma Judicial Ethics Advisory Panel

Page 1134

310 P.3d 1134 (Okla.Jud.Eth. 2013)

2013 OK JUD ETH 1


No. 2013-1.

Oklahoma Judicial Ethics Advisory Panel.

October 1, 2013

Editorial Note:

The Opinions of the Ethics Advisory Panel are advisory only and can be relied by the Council on Judicial Complaints while recommending discipline of a Judge or a Judicial Candidate and not binding on the Council or Courts in the exercise of their judicial discipline responsibilities.

Judicial Ethics Advisory Panel

¶ 1 Questions:

1. May a judge camp, hunt, or fish on privately owned land without compensating the landowner?

2. May a judge stay at a cabin on private premises while hunting or fishing?

¶ 2 Facts:

These questions deal with camping, hunting, and fishing. The variables are in respect to the environment of the activities. You may assume the following facts:

1. No commercial activity for hunting or fishing is involved. No lands in question are leased for camping, hunting, or fishing.

2. No attorney who practices before this judge is involved.

3. Lands upon which camping, hunting, or fishing may take place are privately owned by friends or family of the judge.

4. No landowner is now, ever has been, and is not expected to be in the future, a litigant before this judge.

¶ 3 Answer: Yes.

Page 1135

¶ 4 Discussion:

Pursuant to the Oklahoma Code of Judicial Conduct, Canon 3, Rule 3.13(A):

A judge shall not accept any gifts, loans, bequests, benefits, or other things of value, if acceptance is prohibited by the Rules of the Ethics Commission or other law or would appear to a reasonable person to undermine the judge's independence, integrity, or impartiality.


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